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Health & Wellness

Comprehensive health screens specifically designed to cover key areas of patient health


About phlebotomy


Azira offers a private blood taking service that enables individuals to test for various health conditions. Our highly trained professionals will collect a blood sample in a discreet and comfortable manner, ensuring minimal discomfort to the patient. The collected sample will then be analysed in a state-of-the-art laboratory, utilising the latest technology and techniques to provide accurate and reliable results. Our service is designed to provide individuals with a convenient and confidential means of monitoring their health status, allowing for early detection and prevention of potential health issues. We prioritise the privacy and well-being of our clients, and strive to deliver exceptional service at all times. Results can be taken to your GP to support any health investigations.

With over 40 years in the global diagnostic industry, Randox leads the way in developing and supplying innovative diagnostic solutions for hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers, including the NHS. Following decades of pioneering research & development, Randox now offers clinicians and physicians an unrivalled range and combination of tests to facilitate effective disease management, screening and treatment.

Single Check


Bone health

Diabetes status

Digestive health


Full blood count

Heart health

Hormonal health

Iron & ferritin

Basic kidney health

Liver health

Lipid profile (cholesterol) Metabolic syndrome

Muscle & joint health

Muscle & rheumatology

Nutritional & digestive health

Pancreatic health


Thyroid health

Testostertone monitoring


Vitamins & mineral deficiency

Sexual Health

6 STI check

14 STI check

10 viral, bacterial & protozoan

Chlamydia & gonorrhoea (2 most common)

Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV, syphilis

Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV, syphilis, hep B HIV, hep B, hep C, syphilis

Genetics &

Lactose Intolerance (dairy)

Coeliac Disease (gluten)

Hereditary Cardiac Risk

Identify inherited heart conditions

Hereditary Cancer Risk Test 113 genes associated with breast, ovarian, colon, gastric etc

Hereditary Cancer Risk Test 29 genes more common inherited cancer syndromes 

Hereditary Breast & Ovarian

Test 8 genes associated

Health Screens

Quickly Illness Check

General Illness Check

Lifestyle & General Well-Being Diabetic & Cardiovascular Risk

Health Check General

Health Check Advanced

Health, Well Being & Cardio-vascular Health

Ultimate Heath Screen


Sport's Performance

Optimise athletic performance through specific monitoring of nutrition, hormones & stress levels. An insight into injury, prevention & over training.

Tired all the time

Causes of fatigue, nutritional deficiencies & thyroid function

Long Covid

Check to see if you've previously contracted COVID19 & monitor the effects


Check make & female hormones & assocated health conditions with conceiving

What are the benefits?

The advantages of undergoing a private health screening are numerous. It allows for early detection of potential health issues, which can lead to prompt treatment and better outcomes. Additionally, it provides peace of mind and empowers individuals to take control of their health. Overall, private health screening is a valuable investment in one's well-being.

What to expect

Book an appointment

Have a consultation with our registered & qualified healthcare professional to discuss your concerns & health conditions/symptoms

Sample retrieval in the form of blood work, swab tests or urine pot (depending on test)

Wait up to 48 hours for results

Discuss results face to face or via phone. A copy will also be emailed

Take the results to your GP or continue with treatment at Azira (where applicable)

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Who will you see?

Our practitioner Claire is a HPCP healthcare professional with years of experience taking blood & cannulating while working for the ambulance service.

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