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Tips for picking the right training provider

So your deciding to take the jump into the world of aesthetic medicine, but where do you even begin?! I think a lot of people will relate to my experience when deciding to branch out!

I followed a few aesthetic practitioners online, binge watched their content and stalked their Instagram pages for daily updates! I knew I wanted to be a part of the aesthetic industry and joining it seemed pretty simple! A quick google search ‘aesthetic courses near me’ provided HUNDREDS of hits. So what did I do? I selected the closest training academy to me with the soonest availability (no backing out now right?!).

Off I headed to my course full of excitement believing I was going to leave full of confidence and ready to practice. Oh how wrong was I! Whilst getting an aesthetic course was easy, becoming appropriately trained proved a little more difficult! This isn’t common knowledge, but in the UK there are no regulations for aesthetics. So you can go and do a one day dermal filler course, and then the very next day launch your own ‘dermal filler training course.’ Create yourself a fancy website, an Instagram page with ‘advanced aesthetics training’ in your bio and your away. This happens frequently and is exactly how the standard of training begins to slip.

You see, a lot more goes into selecting an aesthetic training provider, but when you're not in the industry you don’t really know what to look out for. So here are some top tips for selecting a course in aesthetics;

* Don’t rush the process, take your time to research, read reviews, make contact with your top trainers and see what response you get.

* Check the trainers background, qualifications and experience.

* Ask questions! Does the course cover complications and how to manage them appropriately? What else will be covered on the day?

* What support will be provided afterwards?

All we can wish for when entering aesthetics is to be shown patience, given knowledge, filled with confidence and somebody at the end of the phone when the nerves kick in! (Oh how I remember those first procedure nerves!). There are some really great aesthetic trainers and mentors in the industry, with tons of knowledge and a great support system. Unfortunately it takes a little more than a quick google search and the next available date to find them!

If all else fails and your feeling lost, then please feel free to give me a message!

My inbox is always open.

Grace Cobner

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