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What's November been like for us?

So after recently starting writing blog posts for the nurses station I’ve found myself really enjoying sitting down and writing again (when I say sitting down and writing I mean running between clinics and a toddler, with my phone in one hand frantically finishing a blog before the deadline). I thought it would be quite nice to bring an Azira blog into clinic alongside the aesthetic industry blogs I get to write for The Nurses Stn. If your interested in those you can find them here 👉🏼

The Azira blog will focus more on clinic news, patient requests, current specials and a monthly round up from the beautiful Azira team. So let’s begin a quick November recap over the current clinic news! We welcome TWO new team members this month, Amelia and Georgia. Amelia is our junior SPMU artist working under the amazing Haus of Brows. She has been fully trained by Laura, and after months of intense training she’s now helping Laura reduce her wait times by microblading on the days Laura is off with her new baby. (Azira clinic seems to be busy in and out of clinic with three new additions in the last year 🤣). A little secret I must mention- Amelia is my younger sister and I am super proud of what her and Laura have achieved together, her work is amazing and I’m loving watching her grow into the perfectionist I know Laura has trained her to be. For all of Amelia’s work please check out Amelia the haus of brows, she’s available to book from now for only £150 a set.

Our second new team member is Georgia, she’s our very first make up artist at Azira! We are loving having someone to make us glam whilst we’re running out of clinic at the end of the day. Georgia has brought a piece of the industry we were missing to clinic, we can now say we are a ‘one stop shop’ with aesthetics, brows, lashes, massage, waxing & make up! We can’t wait to watch Georgia’s journey in clinic and we’re loving the extra girl gang we get to have in clinic everyday! Georgia is available on the Azira booking system just here…

In other news Leanna has finally returned from her Florida holiday, 3 weeks really felt like a lifetime whilst I’ve been holding down her patients and my own patients (not to mention desperately waiting for my own Botox to be done, my forehead has never been so active SOS 🥲).

As a clinic we have released our annual Christmas giveaway as a thank you to our patients. We try to give something every year around this time, as we do truly appreciate every single patient and supporter we have. This year every practitioner in clinic has donated to the giveaway so there is SEVEN prizes to be won. A strip of raffle tickets is £5 and the prizes vary from £50-£200 in value. We are super excited for the draw on December 22nd and hopefully we will be starting your Christmas celebrations off with a little gift from us! Finally, some of our most loyal clients of 2022 will be receiving a personal gift in the post from me in December, please keep your eyes peeled for this. Again, it’s a way to say thank you to those who have supported Azira through a challenging year for all.

Thanks to all those patients who paid us a visit in clinic in November ‘22, were looking forward to a busy December.

Love, Grace xo

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